Steps For Planning The Design Of Your Home

When purchasing our homes we have a clean blank canvas in which to start building from.  Before moving into our homes it will be important that we look at all of the palm springs luxury homes for sale that we can in order to find just the right fit for our lifestyle.  The home that we pick will be the blank canvas for our vision.

The wall colors

Wall colors should be clean and cheerful.  Don’t use black or really dark muted colors.  Start with a basic white or eggshell color.  From there move to light browns, powder blues and muted yellows.  Work off of the primary color list first and see what best fits your floorplan.  The color you choose sets the stage for everything else.


The furniture that we use will set the mood for our home.  When installing furniture we want to look at the floorplan, functionality and overall flow.  We don’t want to have too much in one room nor do we want huge pieces in small rooms nor small pieces in large rooms.  When placing furniture in our rooms we need to have a balance that works together.  Large pieces need to compliment smaller pieces and vice versa.


The accessories in our home are very important.  These add a personal touch and style to the home. Photos, mirrors, rugs, lighting choices and more all fit into this category.  When choosing your accessories and accents make sure that they speak to you.  Don’t put something in your home that you don’t like just because it was given to you as a gift.  The items in your home should have meaning or invoke a meaning in you.

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Throwing it all together

When throwing it all together you will have a flow from the front door all the way through the home, in and out of each room until you reach the end of the house.  If this is how your home flows then you should have peace and harmony.